Successful Farmland Stewardship Begins With A Strong Partnership

The Drees family has been farming the Red River Valley since the 1920s and operating under our current structure since 1968. This means that we not only know the land, we respect the land – and we do what we can to take care of it. Because of this, more and more landowners are putting their trust in us.

Special Events

2/15/21 – The photo gallery has been updated! We started out good the first day planting 2020 with pictures, but then it got crazy and we forgot to take photos until the year was half gone! So most of the pictures are of harvest and fall field work. What a juxtaposition from 2019! Although we would like to forget 2019, those pictures were left in for now to compare how drastically different one year can be from the next. So check it out and enjoy some new photos

as well as some old favorites.

Have any suggestions for crop pictures we should take in 2021?

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