Healthy Land Is At The Root Of A Healthy Business

At Drees Farming Association, we see ourselves as caretakers as well as farmers. We’re stewards of the land. Whether we own it ourselves or it belongs to someone else, we farm it just the same – with pride, with experience and with the utmost care. When you work with us, it’s easy to see how we go above and beyond.

  • Crop Rotation – As we farm, we rotate our crops on a three- or four-year cycle to help prevent disease in the soil and weed development and to also maintain humus. It is because of our diligent crop rotation that the value of the land is maintained and oftentimes increased as we farm it.
  • Weed Control – We strive to manage weeds to provide nearly 100% weed control in all crops. We combine our crop rotation with chemical rotation and types of chemistry to prevent weeds from becoming resistant to certain herbicides. It is important to control even the weeds on the perimeter of the field so that weed seeds are not blown back into the field, or across to our neighbor’s field. We’re tough on weeds to preserve the value of the land.
  • Land Improvements – We have worked with a number of landowners to help them with land improvements, such as creating adequate drainage areas, shelter belt removal and improving or adding crossings or driveways.
  • Wind & Water Erosion Control – We take extra measures, like planting grass in waterways, residue management, the angle of direction of our tillage, and reduced tillage, to ensure that the land and the crops are well protected against damage from wind and water.
  • Snow Removal – Winters are tough in our area, and snow removal can be even harder. We are willing to work with landowners to manage snow removal so that buildings and driveways are clear.


We know the dynamics it takes to run a farm, and we understand the challenges that come with passing it on to someone else. This understanding has helped us reach our goal of building strong, long-term partnerships with landowners and their families.

With agripartnering, you own the land while we farm it to your specifications. We work with farmers and their families to help transition them into retirement. You can still enjoy all of the things you love about farming (you can even become part of the workforce), but without the stressful management decisions. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that those tough decisions are being made by farmers backed with more than 90 years of experience in this area. For more information, please contact us.