March 2021

Greetings,   The season of 2020 started with the challenge of trying to make an acceptable seed bed of our ground with all the residue left behind by last year’s harvested and unharvested crops. We started a little late planting, … Continue reading

January 2020

Happy New Year to all of you,   One hundred years ago my great-grandfather Herman and his wife Minni (Bringawatt) moved from Daykin, Nebraska with their three children aging from 9 to 14 to begin farming the rich black soil … Continue reading

Jan. 2019

Greetings, My name is Brandon Drees and I am part of the next generation of Drees Farms. 2018 was my second full year back on the farm and it was full of challenges and learning opportunities for me. I would … Continue reading

March 2018

Dear Landowner, This past year has been quite the learning experience. It started last April with maintaining tillage equipment; changing shovels, checking tires, and greasing zerks…once I learned what a zerk actually was! That phase ended quickly as field work … Continue reading

April 2017

Dear Landowner, The equipment is almost ready to go, the fields are drying up, so that means that we will start the 2017 planting season soon, that is if the weather cooperates. We will be farming the same land with … Continue reading

March 2016

Dear Landowner, The calendar says that spring is supposed to be here. When I look outside of my window, I would say that it is. This whole winter has been warmer than normal, which for most people is a good … Continue reading

Feb. 2015

Dear Landowner,                 This letter is a follow up to the letter I sent you in December about the 2014 farm bill. There has been enough time elapsed to make an informed decision.  When I received all of the FSA … Continue reading

Dec. 2014

Dear Landowner,                 This year I am making a real effort to get this letter to you before Christmas. The USDA mailed a letter to all of our landlords in July of this past year that listed the USDA program … Continue reading

Winter 2014

Dear Landowner,                 A whole year has passed since my last newsletter. I apologize for that. The spring started out late and planting went on until June 14.  The late planting complicated matters because we were still planting beans when … Continue reading

Winter 2012

Dear Landowner, The season started early as I mentioned in my July newsletter, and then turned relatively dry until we started digging beets. I told my wife Lynne, that it would be one of the easiest beet harvests ever, (wrong). … Continue reading